Nippon Flower Designers’ Association (NFD)

Nippon Flower Designers’ Association (NFD) was founded in 1967 and is a national organization that has about 28,000 flower designers as members. We propose a rich and peaceful lifestyle brought about by flowers, and we spread and enlighten variegated flower designs.

We are passing on the imagination of a bountiful flower culture and a flower-loving spirit to the next generation, through research on flower designs in various fields, or through exchange between the flower designers, people, culture and technology of each country.

Overseas exchange through flowers

Worldwide, a total of 29 countries are members of the ‘World Association of Flower Arrangers’, of which Japan is a unique participant, and the World Flower Show came to Asia for the first time in spring 2005. Furthermore, training and various types of businesses are carried out in order to promote the exchange of flower culture between the countries of the world, such as Germany, South Korea, China, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Activities for spreading flower designs

Instructors, company workers and even everyday people take classes corresponding to their level, aimed at improving and spreading flower design technology. Further, various kinds of regional activities are carried out, in 53 branches which have been established throughout the country.

Holding the Japan Flower Design Award

A public competition, the biggest one of its kind in Japan, is held once a year to decide the best flower design in Japan. Flower designers from Japan and overseas join in and compete with excellent flower designs, looking for a gateway to success.

Conducting an exam for an official flower designer’s qualification

Exams for an official flower designer’s qualification, from levels three to one, are conducted in major cities throughout the country and in about 500 officially approved schools. Spanning thirty years, this is an exam which unifies standards in Japan. The results of a great many people who have passed it are recognized, and it is widely acknowledged to be one technological standard.

Backing-up the dispatch and activities of flower designers

Flower designers who are enrolled in NFD naturally work as instructors who give lessons, but they are also involved in a wide variety of activities, involving things such as weddings, hotels and restaurants. Excellent flower designers are dispatched as instructors to general companies, organizations and all types of school. Furthermore, they are dispatched to numerous events as judges or exhibitors.